Stained Glass Window Frames

  • We can design and supply wood or aluminum stained glass window frames.
  • We supply and install aluminum window ventilators with screens.
  • We can design, manufacture, and install exterior window covering frames for 1/4" plate glass.
  • We repair, restore, and refinish interior/exterior wood frames, sashes, and sills.
  • We design, manufacture and install light boxes. Light boxes backlite the stained glass with indirect light when direct light is unavailable.

Aluminum frames can be finished in various colors. Wood frames can be chosen from any wood species and finished in any color or wood finish.

We highly recommend the energy efficient and thermally broken aluminum stained glass window frames. These aluminum frames offer a permanent solution to reoccurring maintenance.

Consulting with us on your next new project can greatly ensure your window frames are made correctly to support your stained glass windows. We can also help adapt stained glass applications to residential and commercial frames if new stained glass frames are not feasible.