Design, Manufacture and Install New Windows and Light Boxes

  • Based on your input, we produce a water colored scaled sketch of your stained glass window.
  • You must approve the sketch before manufacturing begins.
  • Windows may be designed with stained glass patterns and or have painted figures or symbols .
  • We use artistic antique, cathedral and opalescent stained glass of various textures.
  • We do faceted (chunk) glass windows.
  • Stained glass windows can be encapsulated for protection in special indoor applications.

You will see examples of various stained glass windows in the menu item “Our Work-Custom Windows”.

  • Light boxes provide indirect back lighting of your stained glass window when direct light is unavailable.
  • Our light boxes are made to order.
  • Each light box opens to allow cleaning and glass replacement.
  • Each light box contains light on demand controlled via a switch.
  • The light box holds the stained glass window as provided above.

Click here to see our article in the Stained Glass Quarterly about light box construction.